Vince Blakk – Explorer Club (#eClub36)

#eClub36 [10/28/2019] with music & remix by: Stan Kolev, Maor Levi, Nifra, Alex Byrka, Mark Digital, Dim3nsion, Division One, Andrew Bayer, Somna, Paul Arcane, Cosmic Gate, Denis Sender, Beatsole, Ahmed Helmy, Arjans, Milad E, Bryn Liedl …and more!

#eClub36 tracklist:

  1. Stan Kolev – Muladhara [Outta Limits]
  2. Dr. Alfred & Division One – Cygnus (Division One Remix) [Clinique Sampler]
  3. Eli & Fur – You and I [Anjunabeats]
  4. Aeolu5 – Beskonechnost [Emergent Shores]
  5. Galck & Maz (Br) – Foamball [Sony Music Entertainment]
  6. Ronski Speed Pres. Sun Decade – Follow You (Bryn Liedl Remix) [Euphonic]
  7. Cosmic Gate – Fire Wire (Andrew Bayer Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]
  8. Open Solaris – Afterlife [Bevel Rec]
  9. Pavel Khvaleev & Vian Pelez Feat. Leusin – Waves of Love (Secret Eternal Remix) [Figura Music]
  10. Dj Panda Vs. Axelpolo – Solar Storm [Big Toys Production]
  11. Milad E & Andy Kumanov – Kattegat [Interplay Records]
  12. Adara – Alien (Ltn Remix) [Adara]
  13. Maor Levi – Deception [Armind]
  14. Bodo Kaiser – Jakarta [Ava Recordings (Black Hole)]
  15. Arjans – Redline [Coldharbour Recordings]
  16. Paul Arcane & Sendr – Heart [Enhanced Progressive]
  17. Ed Prymon – Parachute [Yeiskomp Records]
  18. Mark Van Rijswijk – Sorry (Cyril Ryaz Remix) [Masana Records]
  19. Emro – Vastness [Emergent Shores]
  20. Emro – Meraki [Progressive Dreams]
  21. Dim3nsion – León [Flashover Trance]
  22. Paul Arcane & Max Meyer – Hypnotized [Armada Digital]
  23. Mauro Picotto – Lizard (Cosmic Gate Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]
  24. Nifra – Tomboy [Coldharbour Recordings]
  25. Johnny Norberg & J.Puchler Feat. Robin Vane – Hold Me (Ahmed Helmy Remix) [Trance Temple Records]
  26. Shane 54 feat. Clara Sofie – Delirium [Garuda]
  27. Mark Digital – 7th Sign [Soluna Music]
  28. Mark Digital – Into the Future [Soluna Music]
  29. T.O.M (Tune Of The Moment)
    Patrik Humann & Isabel Oliver – Between The Truth & The Lie (Beatsole Remix) [Rnm (Raznitzanmusic)]
  30. Elypsis – Equinox [Elliptical Sun Recordings]
  31. Alex Byrka – Edenly [Progressive Dreams Emotions]
  32. Nash & Pepper Feat. Rogue Raven – Changed (Sherano 2019 Remix) [Armada Trice]
  33. Tomas Heredia – After Sunrise [A State of Trance]
  34. Michael Angelo & Melissa Loretta – Hearts Unspoken (Alex Leavon Remix) [Rnm (Raznitzanmusic)]
  35. Andy Moor, Somna & Diana Leah – There is Light (Ltn Remix) [Ava Recordings (Black Hole)]
  36. Super8 & Tab – Iron [Armind (Armada)]
  37. Oleg Farrier – Diverse [Entrancing Music]

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