Vince Blakk – Explorer Club (#eClub35)

#eClub35 [09/28/2019] with music & remix by: Paul Arcane, Cream & Deep Fog, Praana, Pryda, Sunlight Project, Noise Zoo, Oliver Smith, Farius, Adip Kiyoi, Dave Neven, Maratone, Levv, Elypsis & Andrew Cousins, Patrick White, Futurecode, Rigo Avila & Miraks, Jason Ross …and more!

#eClub35 tracklist:

  1. Andy King – Nautical Miles [Stripped Recordings]
  2. Motorcycle & Jes – As The Rush Comes (Cream & Deep Fog Unofficial Remix) [Cdr]
  3. Bam – Heart (Deluxe) [Bozandmonstrr Records]
  4. Kyau & Albert – Neon Sonnenschein (Praana Remix) [Euphonic]
  5. Elypsis & Andrew Cousins – Night Dreamers [Essentializm (RazNitzanMusic)]
  6. Progressive Initiations – Pathfinders (Mark Digital Remix) [Progressive Dreams]
  7. Synergy vs. Syntrax – Toronto [Black Sunset Borders]
  8. Levv – Vanilla Sky (Club Mix) [Enhanced Progressive]
  9. The Antipodes & Adrian Alexander – Zenith [Elliptical Sun Recordings]
  10. Pryda – The Riddle [Pryda Recordings]
  11. Futurecode – The Network [Armada Music Bundles]
  12. Arkam – Din Mac [Vibrate White]
  13. Dave Neven – Altered Perspective [Fsoe Parallels]
  14. Difstate – Thinking of You [Progressive House Worldwide]
  15. Sunlight Project – Dreams Valley [Fsoe Parallels]
  16. Pulsedriver – Heartbeat (Sal De Sol Remix) [Aqualoop]
  17. Sheridan Grout – The Last Word (Mark Bester Remix) [Ava Recordings (Black Hole)]
  18. Sheridan Grout Feat. Blü Eyes – Freefall [Garuda]
  19. Ruslan Radriges Vs. Neurofunq & Tiff Lacey – Wonderfull (Adip Kiyoi Remix) [Suanda Music]
  20. Elevven & Jes – Heartbeat Tonight (Paul Arcane Mix) [Statement!]
  21. T.O.M (Tune of The Moment)
    Torrnado, Epidemika & Odell – Hold on [Masana Records]
  22. Jorza – Rapture [Scorchin’ Records]
  23. Alex Leavon & Jonny Rose – Running for Our Lives [Inharmony Music]
  24. Illenium – Needed You (Jason Ross Remix) [Seeking Blue]
  25. Andrew Lang – All I Want [Progressive House Worldwide]
  26. Born 87 – Silence [Yeiskomp Records]
  27. Farius – Cala Saladeta [Ride Recordings]
  28. Mohamed Ragab – Groundbreaker (Noise Zoo Remix) [Excelsior Music]
  29. Rigo Avila & Miraks – Dark Star [Infraprogressive]
  30. Dani Avramov – Combina [Frost Recordings]
  31. Maratone Feat. Angel Falls – Nothing Will Stop Me [Abora Progressive]
  32. Oliver Smith – Anticipation [Anjunabeats]
  33. Cosmic Gate – Fav (Patrick White Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]
  34. Nutronic – Feathers [Simplify Recordings]
  35. Olly James & Loax feat. Christina Pasion – Love Again (Goust Project Edit) [Cdr]
  36. Shogun – Dynasty [Cmc Music]

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