Vince Blakk – Explorer Club (#eClub32)

#eClub32 [06/28/2019] with new music & remix by: High Frequencies, Subandrio, Addictive Glance, Jaytech, Chris Bekker, My Friend & Dezza, Stan Kolev, Forerunners & Mir Omar, Bongo & Pusk, Sergey Paradox feat. Zara Taylor, Sodality, Depdramez & Ander, Skua, Rodrigo Deem, Andromedha, Space Motion, Jettan …and more!

#eClub32 tracklist:

  1. Skua – Image [Emergent Shores]
  2. Lustral – Everytime (Heart Saver Remix) [Rollrock Records]
  3. High Frequencies – Ambivalence [Fsoe Parallels]
  4. Mark Digital – Fractals (Fiben Remix) [Progressive House Worldwide]
  5. Gorkiz – Sektor [Balkan Connection]
  6. Marea Neagra – Neptune (Jorge Viana Remix) [3xa Music]
  7. Bongo & Pusk – Actuate [Iboga Records]
  8. Sasch Bbc & Caspar – Take it (Fran&Co’s Take This Remix) [Mad Hatter]
  9. Bring Bliss & Haqsi – Catch My Fire [Incepto Music]
  10. Jettan – Remember You [Emergent Shores]
  11. Space Motion – Voices [Freegrant Music]
  12. T.O.M (Tune Of The Moment)
    Depdramez & Ander – Alone [Equatos Society]
  13. Stan Kolev – Belle Âme [Outta Limits]
  14. Forerunners & Mir Omar – Time Interrupted (Subandrio Remix) [Onedotsixtwo]
  15. Gabriel Filip – Bucharest at Night (Rudy Crystal Remix) [Airland Music]
  16. East Cafe – Epox (Christian Monique Remix) [Lups Records]
  17. David Leckenby – Azure [Consapevole Recordings]
  18. Mauro Augugliaro & Julian Nates – Ergo [Or Two Strangers]
  19. Lokovski & David Folkebrant – Hilemni (Vince Blakk Rebuild) [Emergent Textures]
  20. Zero Cult – Moonlight Run (Dense Remix) [Cosmicleaf]
  21. Rodrigo Deem – Lighthouse [Colorize]
  22. My Friend & Dezza – Dream Weaver [Zerothree]
  23. Austin Martin – In the End [Particles]
  24. Rhythmdb – Blue Powder [Global305]
  25. Facade – Burn Your Idols (Narel Mix) [Forescape Digital]
  26. Chris Bekker – Neon [Vandit Records]
  27. Addictive Glance – Relict (Lee Cassells Remix) [Addictive Sounds]
  28. 5unlight – Only Hope [Marleko Music]
  29. Jaytech – Tigerlily [Anjunabeats]
  30. Ruben De Ronde X Rodg X Genix – Whoop (Sodality Remix) [Statement!]
  31. Sergey Paradox Feat. Zara Taylor – Metanoia [Above All Records]
  32. Vintage & Morelli – Daydream (Andromedha Remix) [Silk Selections]

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