Vince Blakk – Explorer Club 10 (#eClub10) [Epic Session]

#eClub10 [07/28/2017] feat. Allen Watts, Arctic Moon, Chris Metcalfe, Alex M.O.R.P.H, Ahmed Romel, Ben Gold, Aimoon, Airscape, Vince Blakk, Ana Criado, Allen & Envy and more!

#eClub10 tracklist:

  1. MaxRevenge – Exclusion Zone (Zach Zlov Remix)
  2. Ferry Tayle & Dan Stone – Vona
  3. Allen Watts – Arizona
  4. Armin Van Buuren & Garibay feat. Olaf Blackwood – I Need You (Standerwick Remix)
  5. Aimoon – Moments of Life (Cold Rush Remix)
  6. Alexandre Bergheau pres. I.D.K. – Deep Blue
  7. Apaches – Electricity
  8. Ahmed Romel – Dust & Echoes
  9. Chris Metcalfe – Orbit
  10. Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Kim Kiona – Coming Home (Vocal Mix)
  11. Cold Stone – Mirage
  12. 4 Seas – Ergaticus
  13. Ben Gold – Pilot
  14. Bobby Neon feat. Lokka Vox – Regrets (Asteroid Remix)
  15. Airscape – Be Who You Are
  16. Airborn & Bogdan Vix & KeyPlayer feat. Danny Claire – What Is Loneliness (Skylex Remix)
  17. Aimoon & ARS – Spectrum
  18. Vince Blakk – Xendalia
  19. Ana Criado – Still Theres You (A.R.D.I. Remix)
  20. Attila Syah pres. Gamma (Ind) – Hello Earth
  21. Arctic Moon – Nocturnal Horizons
  22. Black Xs – Premonition (David Forbes Rework)
  23. Craig Connelly feat. Jessica Lawrence – How Can I (James Dymond Remix)
  24. Amine Maxwell – Before I Wake
  25. Alan Morris feat. Ellie Lawson – Find Myself In Losing You
  26. Vince Blakk – Antares
  27. Allan Morrow – Adjusted Mind
  28. Allen & Envy vs. Mhammed El Alami – Perception (Steve Dekay Remix)
  29. Vince Blakk – Proxima Centauri

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